Fun things to do with your autistic kid

While many parents find it a burden to rear their autistic kids, those who have taken things positively are hugely affecting their children while feeling great about themselves. Autism is no curse. It is also no disease and no one should try to cure the condition.
Rather than struggle with protocols and meaningless treatments, you could rather enjoy life with your child on the spectrum. They might be nonverbal, not well toilet trained. But with constant love and fun activities with their parents, they are surely going to improve and you will be surprised by how much you have done with your child later on in life.
Rather than relying on teachers in special needs school to take care of your child and do all forms of therapy on them, it is high time that you also took the mantle and decided to have fun with your child.
Some of the activities that you can engage in include:
1. Pretend plays
Your autistic child is not very good with pretend plays. They are not able to make a small home with their toys whom they should speak with. They are preoccupied with other things that are way beyond their ages. You could however decide to shift things by getting them dolls and toys and sitting down to play with them using these pretend toys.
2. Bounce on the trampoline
Get your child on the trampoline and bounce away as you enjoy doing it. With a trampoline, a child is able to throw off their excess body energy as well as get good proprioceptive and vestibular input that their bodies need.
Bouncing on the trampoline is also a good exercise for kids who are stimming and fidgeting. Rather than have to fight trying to stop them from climbing on chairs and jumping on all things in the house, you could have them jump on the rebounder. It has actually been said to be a great therapy tool
While bouncing though, make sure that they are doing it safely. Have a mini trampoline with handlebars and safety nets all round so that the kids are bouncing off safely.
3. Go out for walks
It is time to stop shying away about showing your kid to the world. Go out often with them. As you do so, you will be exploring the world and showing them different animals, rivers and other vegetation. They will be keen to hear you explain different animals and label flowers as you walk.
4. Go to amusement parks
You could also go out on dates with your autistic child. On these dates, you take them to amusement parks where they are going to enjoy playing on the tire swing, swim in a pool or even play on a see-saw with their peers. Such activities are also going to foster social interaction with other children since your child is going to find other peers to play with.

Wiping Your Butt And What to Use


The Toilet Debate on What to Use to Wipe your Butt

There has been a big debate on what is the best way to wipe your butt. I decided to follow it through because I wanted to know what effect it would have for people at the hospice or at caregiver home. While most people are using tissue paper, there is that regimen of people who think that this is uncouth as well as unhealthy. Toilet paper, it has been said causes chaffing, irritation and does not wipe well. But that is a fact because I too was using toilet paper until a friend asked me to try using wet wipes and see the difference. And yes, it was real. Even after wiping very well with toilet paper, I found that later using wet wipes should that there was still some debris left. No wonder your underpants smell so weird when you have been using toilet paper. But when you use wipes, you are assured of a good clean.You also smell fresh and well sanitized. And you can actually feel it as you go around. The Independent has actually documented on why one should be using wipes as opposed to toilet paper.

Flushability of wipes

But the problem with using wet wipes is on how flushable they are.Unless you are using pit latrines, you really need to worry about the material making your wipes. Are they biodegradable? Can they be flushed and will they really disintegrate? Thankfully, there is a good number of adult wipes that do indeed disintegrate such as the cottonelle wipes which are fragrance free, alcohol free as well as flushable.

Historically, people have even used the maize cob to wipe their butts. And I am not so sure how safe it was with the fact that corn cob is highly likely to have splinters that could end up injuring your bum. The use of leaves and old newspapers have also been well documented. In most areas in Africa especially those areas where people see toilets as a luxury and have to use the bush, they will often use soft leaves to wipe off the fecal material after doing their business. My worry is newspaper since they can be hard and I bet that one needs to first soften it by rubbing it thoroughly so that it will be a little bit smooth for you. If that seems disgusting, there is also another group of people who use their hands to wipe their butts. Yucky it is but true. How this happens is that after visiting the toilet, the person uses some water to wipe or wash their butt with the left hand. I have seen this among Arabs and some Muslims. No wonder they will never greet you with their left arm or even eat with it because it is specifically for butt cleaning.

What of those that cannot reach their butts

Other than this debate, there is also the agony that people who are handicapped, obese, with short arms or those that recently underwent a spinal or back surgery have to put up with. Because of the above named complications, they will soon find out that wiping their butts is so hard. They will have to use certain tools to extend their reach. Thankfully, at most online stores dedicated to caregivers, you will find just the right products for such problems. There is for example the freedom wand which I would gladly recommend as one of the best butt wiping aids. Another is the bottom buddy which though limited in usage also brings in the extra very much needed length.

The freedom wand can not only be used to wipe your butt but also in washing your back, shaving as well as applying ointment on your body. It was designed by a woman who had faced an accident and could therefore not go to the toilet with ease. Since she did not want to have a caregiver follow them and help them wipe their butts which is really humiliating, she thought of coming up with this tool that can reach up to a maximum 21 inches.

Safety at a Caregiver home

I took my ageing grandmother to a caregiver that is next to my home and one thing that irked me was the level of safety for the aged people. It was something that was heavily neglected.Either the people simply did not care or maybe they found it too costly to do simple tasks. You see my grandmother has Parkinsons and so I found out that I was having such a hard time taking care of her from home. I had to do something different and so I felt that it would just be wise if I just took her to a place where she was given special attention. But this lacked

Caregivers were not homely and just too intimidating

The caregivers at the center were either uneducated or tactless. After examining my grandmother, they asked that she could take a glass of water to prove that she indeed had Parkinson’s. I could not help feeling embarrassed as she poured the entire drink out. You see we have these special utensils that I learnt about from here that we have been using for her. I had somehow forgotten to take it with me.

That regardless, I do not think it is professional for caregivers to embarrass a patient simply because they want to indeed test whether she is sick. It is bad to do so and I told them so.

Beds did not have rails for safety

I have been reading about bed rails and I know how safe they can be especially for people who are highly likely to fall when they wake up in the morning. My grandma has dyskinesia and she is also wobbly when she wakes up. So, we have done everything to make sure that she is safe when she wakes up. A post on hosiped just highlights this and talks of the importance of rails.

No handrails in the washroom

You see my grandma had real trouble walking. At home, we had installed these handrails all over the home such that when she went to the toilet or bathroom, she would not fall because the rails were all there. We also had walkig canes, clutches and walkers. Also there was someone handy around just in case she needed support to walk to somewhere.
Here at the caregiving home, there were no such hand rails and it got me wondering what these guys were doing. Were they really serious in their work.
How can one start a caregiving home in such an unsafe environment?

Gnc Appetite Suppressant Reviews

I have been looking for an appetite suppressant gnc that would help me curb my cravings
And I found gnc appetrex control. And I had heard that it is great for suppressing appetite. So, I went ahead and bought the pills from amazon.
gnc appetrex control

In 30 days, there were some obese people who got the gnc appetrex treatment and they lost weight in comparison to those who were given placebos.


  • – Great in appetite reduction. I found that I could eat less and I did not touch any candy after the appetite suppression.
  • -It boosted my mood so well that I could go to the gym for long hours without tire or fatigue.
  • I was feeling so exhilarated throughout my taking the gnc appetrex control


    I had diarrhea and stomach upset



  • Di-Calcium Phosphate
  • Client Reviews
    I found that the drug had a 3.7 star rating out of the possible 5. The comments were also awesome as they showed that they were working for all those who had used them.

    There were however complaints that they would cause stomach pains and all other kind of complications such as diarrhea.

  • Performix Sst is my best fat burner

    Weight loss is not an easy thing, you have to sweat and really tire before you achieve it. A friend of mine the other day made a joke to the effect that the only thing that is so difficult to lose is weight yet it is so easy to gain. So, why am I writing this article?

    Because a friend of mine asked me what I would say is the best weight loss pill in 2018.And my answer was brief and to the point: performix sst. One might wonder why I would not give a less direct and blunt answer but the answer is that performix sst is the best weight loss pill out there.

    So sometimes back I found that I had gained so much weight and after trying everything in these weight loss books, I found that all I was doing was amounting to naught. There was no progress. My weight would simply not go down no matter how hard I tried. And so someone advised me that it could be because that I have hyper-active a2 receptors. And of course I had to google that because– who the hell knows what they are? Well google knew and I found out that alpha receptors make one to be fat no matter how hard they try. And so, I came to the conclusion that my body had too many alpha receptors.

    They needed to be stopped and thankfully the one supplement that could do so was performix sst because it contains yohimbine which is a great a2 receptor blocker.

    Is plantar fasciitis and heel spurs the same thing?

    Waking up with foot pain and discomfort can be a very awful experience and can make you cancel most of your days plan. Foot pain can mostly be caused by two feet conditions that are closely related but totally different; plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. Knowing the difference between the two and also how they are related to one another can be very hand in helping determine what you are suffering from. The two feet conditions are so much related and similar and in this article we have done thorough research on the both of them and come up with a comprehensive report about their symptoms and how they are treated.

    Difference between heel spurs and plantar fasciitis

    Plantar fasciitis is associated with pain from the heel to the arch of the foot and it’s caused due to the overuse of the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is the thick, connective band of soft tissues that run from the heel to the base of your toes. This ligament is designed to absorb all the shock and stress placed on the foot and it connects the bones from the heel to the base of your toes.

    Heel spurs is actually deposits of calcium on the bottom of the heel where plantar fascia joins the heel bone. This tiny jagged calcium deposits in the heel bone develop in response to lots of trauma and damage to the heel bone. In numerous cases heel spurs form as a result of plantar fasciitis if it’s not treated early enough.

    Causes of heel spur vs. plantar fasciitis

    Plantar fasciitis is caused by a lot of stress and damage to the area between your heel and foot on the underside of your foot the (plantar fascia ligament). This stress can be further enhanced by carrying extra weight, wearing unsupportive foot wear or worn out shoes, and spending a lot of time on your feet. Heel spurs develop when there is continuous pain due to plantar fasciitis. Heel spurs are further caused when the plantar fascia is damaged which leads to small calcium deposits which cause pain to the heel bone. If the foot spurs are left untreated they can end up causing too much damage on your foot.

    Symptoms of heel spur vs. plantar fasciitis

    When you have heel spur you experience a sharp stabbing pain on your heels due to the calcium deposits building up on your heel bone are literally stabbing into the fatty pad of your heel. The pain is usually more in the morning and it comes and goes during the day. Plantar fasciitis has broader symptoms that affect the foot and heel bone. The symptoms include redness, inflammation and swelling of the heel and fascia. It may take time for a person suffering from plantar fasciitis to experience the sharp, stubbing sensation.

    Treatment for plantar fasciitis and heel spur
    • Give your feet rest breaks if you are used to standing for long hours
    • It’s important to ice your feet or use of therapy slippers to reduce inflammation
    • It’s crucial to wear best shoes for mortons neuroma with a thick cushioned sole and not worn out
    • Maintain a healthy weight balance
    • Use of orthotic inserts

    If you feel that your foot or heel is hurting it is advisable that you visit your podiatry for a checkup. Always make sure that you wear the correct foot wear at all times.
    All the best!

    A Quick Review of the Best Travel Cribs for Kids

    Travelling with a young baby may not be easy especially when your baby falls asleep and the environment may not be good enough then you should consider having a travel crib. A travel crib is portable and light in weight making it easier for you to travel with your baby quickly and makes your baby feel comfortable especially when asleep. They are designed in a way that you can easily fold it, set up easily and are compact.

    It offers a safe sleeping environment when travelling or even at home as you can move it and store it easily. You can also place it outdoors and be assured of your baby’s safety. This is most suitable for babies less than two years but if older a portable bed may suit your toddler.

    When acquiring best travel cribs for kids then below is what you should always look for:
    -The type of the crib such as baby Bjorn travel crib which makes it easier keep your baby contained though when folded it becomes heavier and bigger or Kid Co peapod which is compact when folded but cannot contain the baby as he may easily get out or not be supported by the sides when standing.
    -It should be easy to carry around by being compact and light in weight. It should also fit into your car’s trunk or a bigger suitcase by being small enough when dissembled.
    -It should be easy to set up and also dissemble to save time.
    -Age is what you should consider the most since some are designed for babies, toddlers and others for older babies.
    -Comfort of your baby is crucial and it should therefore be able to provide that by having soft and firm mattress made of breathable material and mesh that ensures airflow for your baby not to suffocate.
    -It must be safe for your baby. The frame should be sturdy and the mattress should be flame retardant and have a well built-base to ensure stability. The stands should also be firm and the fabrics should not contain any chemicals which may be allergic.
    -You must be able to remove and wash the mattress cover and mesh fabric whenever it becomes dirty.
    -Pick a travel crib that you can afford but should be safe for your baby.
    There are different types of travel cribs you can choose from:
    1. BabyBjorn Travel crib-it is mid-priced, light and easy to carry around making it a great choice. The base is stable and has insulated mattress. Setting it up is also easier. It is a top rated travel crib.
    2. KidCo Travel pod portable play yard-best for a toddler less than 3 years as see out of it but can’t climb out and is spacious enough for your baby. The frame is light making it easy to assemble and fold up.
    3. Lotus travel crib and portable baby playard- For the purpose of sleep and play then this is the most ideal. It is easy to setup and has breathable side mesh thus the baby will not suffocate.
    4. Phil and Teds portable travel crib-It is spacious and fully meshed allowing you to see you baby. It is compact when folded and has a carrier bag with straps making it easy to travel with. The mesh at the top protects your baby from excess sun. Even though the carry bag is however less durable and may take a little more time to assemble or dissemble, it is more sturdy, compact and comfortable for your baby.
    5. KidCo peapod-It opens up quickly and very light making it great choice if you travel more often. It provides a safe and comfortable environment for your baby to sleep in. The straps can be easily attached thus providing a sturdy base. It may however be sweaty during hot climates.
    6. Valvo Baby Zephyr Travel crib-It is light, comfortable and also easy to put up or dissemble. Its mattress is padded and the insect net protects your baby. The side mesh has pockets which you can store bottles and toys.
    7. Delta children Viaggi playard-recommended for kids not very active as they will not be able to move out. The mattress is overstuffed making it more comfortable and the frames are light making it easy to transport.
    8. Brica fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet-suitable for infants since it is small. The fabric is breathable and comfortable. It is sturdy, safe and light making it easy to carry around.
    9. Parentlab Journey Bee portable crib-has pop open design thus most suitable if you travel a lot. It is also light and portable. The panels are made of mesh that allows you to see what your baby is doing and the fabric is also washable. However, the pop up might not be sturdy therefore you should consider your baby’s size.
    10. Nuna Sena Mini Travel Cot-Aesthetically it is pleasing and you can easily fold with one hand. Though heavier compared to others, it is sturdy and designed to easily open up. The mesh fabric is breathable and the mattress is soft making it suitable for the comfort of your baby.

    6 Things You Definitely Didn’t Know About Body Fat

    If there is one health niche that has received a lion’s share of lies, half-truths and myths, it is the weight loss field. Today, everyone owning a blog and having access to the Internet want to jump into the field, post something about losing fat and building muscles. The result is that there are a lot of misnomers and lying infomercials doing rounds on the blogosphere. If you are not careful, you will land on these conniving blogs that purport to sell you weight loss solutions while in real sense, they are ripping off your hard earned money and taking you for a ride.

    Being skinny isn’t great if you have no muscle

    Most women who are skinny with no muscles think that they are on the safe side when it comes to lifestyle diseases. They think that they are healthy and look down upon their fat friends as unhealthy. Not so fast: skinny people with no muscles are likely to develop underweight problems like anorexia. It is for this reason that the French government announced in 2015 that they will not be hiring skinny runaway models who had a BMI less than 18. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has also published an article claiming that skinny people with no muscles are likely to be more sickly since their immunity is low. Normally, when the body is sick, it demands more proteins from your diet. If you lack proteins in your diet, the body goes ahead to digest some of your muscles and in this way, it beats the disease. With skinny people though, the body would have nothing to digest and as such the sickness prevails.

    There are two types of belly fats and one is dangerous

    Contrary to popular belief that one needs to shred off the subcutaneous fat as opposed to the visceral fats, the Harvard University has conducted a study where they found out that subcutaneous fat is good for body insulation while visceral fat is unhealthy. Visceral fats can have negative effects when they spread cytokines which could affect your normal insulin resistance, cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure levels. And yes, from this study, it is clear that you would rather have a pear shaped body thanks to subcutaneous fats on your belly as opposed to the (enviable) apple shaped body caused by visceral fats. Fortunately, one can be able to shred away the visceral body fats by taking garcinia cambogia by dr Oz.

    Fat cells need sleep to respond to insulin

    If you skimp on sleep, you could be hurting your body fat’s ability to respond to insulin levels in your blood stream. University of Chicago researchers did a study on the effect of sleep on body fat’s response to insulin by randomly choosing a group of seven lean men. The study participants were in week one placed on 8.5 hours sleep. In week two, they were only allowed to sleep for 4.5 hours. They were fed on same proportions of food in the two weeks. After week two, their body fat cells were removed and tested for insulin response. It had dropped by 30 percent.

    Fat is vital in controlling hunger

    Fat people are less likely to face hunger as compared to lean people. Body fat produces chemicals called leptin that suppress appetite. The less fat you have the less leptin you are able to produce and as such, lean people are likely to eat more than fat people.

    It is not overeating and a sedentary lifestyle alone that will cause fat gain

    Though overeating junky, cholesterol rich foods and not exercising will increase fat tissues in your body, it is not the two alone that are to blame for your body fat. As we age, fat burning hormones such as human growth hormone and testosterone are produced in low quantities and therefore a man who was eating the very same proportion of food when he was 18 might find himself with more body fat when he hits the age of 40.

    Calorie counting and awareness

    Supplements work to Get you Ripped

    Fortunately, there is a load of supplements such as crazy bulk products that will get you back in good shape. While buying though, you have to be aware that not everybody is genuine. Some will sell you placebos in the name of fat burning supplements. Others will sell you dangerous products that have side effects.

    Supplements such as phenq have already been tested and tried and found to be effective in weight loss for both men and women. If you are looking to getting a bikini body, you will find that this fat burner as given in the phenq review is really great in weight loss and getting you a great body that is bulky and ripped at the right places.

    Some overweight people find it hard to lose weight despite all the efforts that they are taking to exercise regularly and eat healthily. Well, there are possible things that they may have ignored and therefore are unable to shed out more pounds.

    As you prepare to lose weight, you must be aware of the amount of calories you are taking into your body. Foods rich in calories include carbohydrates and fats. Once you know the amount of calories you take, you are wiser in planning how to reduce their intake. Awareness of calorie intake is best done by keeping a record of all the foods you eat everyday and then counting the calories taken.

    Once you decide to cut calories, you could best do it by skipping high calories foods, swapping high calorie foods with low calorie foods. This means that you need to know the amount of calories each food contains before eating it.

    Use of creatine supplements

    Creatine works by burning fats in your body as explained here . It also boosts your cardio health by giving you lots of energy to exercise. Nutritionists recommend creatine for weight loss since it makes you do high intensity work, volumizes your muscles by inflating them. Creatine also improves your aerobic activities.

    However as you buy creatine, ensure that you do the following:

    Conduct a thorough research on the supplement so as to know how it will help you. You could ask your health nutritionist to help.
    Check the nutrients in the supplement so as to get a rough idea of what the product will do to your body.

    Best Bulking Steroid Without Water Retention

    Long gone are the days when anabolic steroids were the it thing in bodybuilding circles. The truth is that anabolic steroids were really powerful. However, they were not the best thing for one to use. With time, it was found that users would get addicted, started having bad side effects such as:

      Cardiac arrests
      Blood pressure related ailments
      Unproportional body parts

    All this came about because these best bulking steroids were being manufactured using chemicals. The FDA got tired of them and decided to crack down on them. Unfortunately, it was not able to do away with all. They still exist in the hidden underworld and are sold in the black market economy. If you are caught dealing in them, you will face the full force of the law.

    Bodybuilders however could not help remembering those jolly good days when they would take these bulking steroids and would get amazed at how fast they grew. A solution had to be found out. Luckily, the bodybuilding enthusiasts found traditionally made recipes that would get people bulking in the same way they did with the anabolic steroids.

    Enter the best steroid to bulk: Legal Steroids
    The solution was legal steroids that were made from organic materials that would not affect in any way the bodybuilders.These legal steroids indeed did work as best as the anabolic steroids. They were infact nick-named as the legal alternatives to anabolic steroids. They were effective and did not have any side effects at all. They were the best bulking steroids to use. They included:

      Crazy bulk dbal

      crazy bulk dbal

      Marine muscle gunner

      marine muscle gunner


      testogen review

      Marine muscle alpha

    Crazy bulk testomax

    Features of the best steroid to bulk

    They were effective
    They were made from natural ingredients such as DHEA, tribulus terrestris, zinc, D-Aspartic Acid, Fenugreek.
    Other than bulking, they also helped individuals to get that shapely six pack. Women on the other hand after using marine muscle gunner can get that beautiful feminine figure 8 body frame.
    Do not have water retention and as such you do not have to worry about saggy body or gynecomastia

    What Materialistic women want

    Trying to impress a woman who loves materialistic things can be a tough job for any man out there. Indeed, such characters can cause a man to want to stay single all his life. Dating these kind of women whose love for money is greater than the love they have for you can bury you. However, pleasing these kind of women is very easy. Always buy her something new and shiny and agree to all her desires. Sounds easy, right?

    Well, we compile a list of materialistic things that impress women;

    • Expensive and international cars

    Let’s face it, a majority of women love cars especially the expensive ones. Most will only give you their time or day just because you own a four wheel. Materialistic women love driving or being driven in classy and pricey cars.

    • Branded clothes

    Most women love new clothes and especially those that are in designer shops. To impress and keep her happy, giving her a credit card so she can go shopping and buy herself new and expensive clothes will work.

    • Precious jewelry

    To every woman, precious stones are indeed a treasure. Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. To impress a woman, buy her a diamonds in the form of necklaces, rings, glittery watches and other accessories.

    • Expensive shoes

    It is every woman’s desire to own a collection of the most expensive shoes. The shoes also need to be in different colors to match the many outfits she has. Giving her money to spend on those high heels makes her feel like she walks over the moon.

    • High class dinners

    Women love being treated like queens. That special dinner where reservations are made in a very classy hotel will go a long way to impressing a materialistic woman.

    • VIP spa treatment

    It is your job as a man to pamper your woman occasionally. Taking her for a massage in those high class masseuse parlor is one of the materialistic things that make most women happy.

    • Elite bags

    Women love expensive bags. Taking her shopping to a high class mall that stocks the most expensive bags is a day she will always remember. She will even brag about it to her girlfriends.

    • Buy or build her a bungalow.

    Women love living happy in very nice places with nothing to worry about. Buying a big and sophisticated house in a very beautiful compound is one such ways of impressing most of them.

    • High end appliances

    Materialistic women don’t want to get tired or ruin their very expensive manicure. High end appliances including washing machines and dish washers are definitely a necessity for them.

    Wrap up

    In order to stay in a relationship with a materialistic woman or make the relationship work, then impressing her will go a long way to avoid conflicts. The down side to this is that agreeing to all her desires can burn a hole in your pocket and which of course will be a tough call to make.