6 Things You Definitely Didn’t Know About Body Fat

If there is one health niche that has received a lion’s share of lies, half-truths and myths, it is the weight loss field. Today, everyone owning a blog and having access to the Internet want to jump into the field, post something about losing fat and building muscles. The result is that there are a lot of misnomers and lying infomercials doing rounds on the blogosphere. If you are not careful, you will land on these conniving blogs that purport to sell you weight loss solutions while in real sense, they are ripping off your hard earned money and taking you for a ride.

Being skinny isn’t great if you have no muscle

Most women who are skinny with no muscles think that they are on the safe side when it comes to lifestyle diseases. They think that they are healthy and look down upon their fat friends as unhealthy. Not so fast: skinny people with no muscles are likely to develop underweight problems like anorexia. It is for this reason that the French government announced in 2015 that they will not be hiring skinny runaway models who had a BMI less than 18. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has also published an article claiming that skinny people with no muscles are likely to be more sickly since their immunity is low. Normally, when the body is sick, it demands more proteins from your diet. If you lack proteins in your diet, the body goes ahead to digest some of your muscles and in this way, it beats the disease. With skinny people though, the body would have nothing to digest and as such the sickness prevails.

There are two types of belly fats and one is dangerous

Contrary to popular belief that one needs to shred off the subcutaneous fat as opposed to the visceral fats, the Harvard University has conducted a study where they found out that subcutaneous fat is good for body insulation while visceral fat is unhealthy. Visceral fats can have negative effects when they spread cytokines which could affect your normal insulin resistance, cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure levels. And yes, from this study, it is clear that you would rather have a pear shaped body thanks to subcutaneous fats on your belly as opposed to the (enviable) apple shaped body caused by visceral fats. Fortunately, one can be able to shred away the visceral body fats by taking garcinia cambogia by dr Oz.

Fat cells need sleep to respond to insulin

If you skimp on sleep, you could be hurting your body fat’s ability to respond to insulin levels in your blood stream. University of Chicago researchers did a study on the effect of sleep on body fat’s response to insulin by randomly choosing a group of seven lean men. The study participants were in week one placed on 8.5 hours sleep. In week two, they were only allowed to sleep for 4.5 hours. They were fed on same proportions of food in the two weeks. After week two, their body fat cells were removed and tested for insulin response. It had dropped by 30 percent.

Fat is vital in controlling hunger

Fat people are less likely to face hunger as compared to lean people. Body fat produces chemicals called leptin that suppress appetite. The less fat you have the less leptin you are able to produce and as such, lean people are likely to eat more than fat people.

It is not overeating and a sedentary lifestyle alone that will cause fat gain

Though overeating junky, cholesterol rich foods and not exercising will increase fat tissues in your body, it is not the two alone that are to blame for your body fat. As we age, fat burning hormones such as human growth hormone and testosterone are produced in low quantities and therefore a man who was eating the very same proportion of food when he was 18 might find himself with more body fat when he hits the age of 40.

Calorie counting and awareness

Supplements work to Get you Ripped

Fortunately, there is a load of supplements such as crazy bulk products that will get you back in good shape. While buying though, you have to be aware that not everybody is genuine. Some will sell you placebos in the name of fat burning supplements. Others will sell you dangerous products that have side effects.

Supplements such as phenq have already been tested and tried and found to be effective in weight loss for both men and women. If you are looking to getting a bikini body, you will find that this fat burner as given in the phenq review is really great in weight loss and getting you a great body that is bulky and ripped at the right places.

Some overweight people find it hard to lose weight despite all the efforts that they are taking to exercise regularly and eat healthily. Well, there are possible things that they may have ignored and therefore are unable to shed out more pounds.

As you prepare to lose weight, you must be aware of the amount of calories you are taking into your body. Foods rich in calories include carbohydrates and fats. Once you know the amount of calories you take, you are wiser in planning how to reduce their intake. Awareness of calorie intake is best done by keeping a record of all the foods you eat everyday and then counting the calories taken.

Once you decide to cut calories, you could best do it by skipping high calories foods, swapping high calorie foods with low calorie foods. This means that you need to know the amount of calories each food contains before eating it.

Use of creatine supplements

Creatine works by burning fats in your body as explained here . It also boosts your cardio health by giving you lots of energy to exercise. Nutritionists recommend creatine for weight loss since it makes you do high intensity work, volumizes your muscles by inflating them. Creatine also improves your aerobic activities.

However as you buy creatine, ensure that you do the following:

Conduct a thorough research on the supplement so as to know how it will help you. You could ask your health nutritionist to help.
Check the nutrients in the supplement so as to get a rough idea of what the product will do to your body.

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