A Quick Review of the Best Travel Cribs for Kids

Travelling with a young baby may not be easy especially when your baby falls asleep and the environment may not be good enough then you should consider having a travel crib. A travel crib is portable and light in weight making it easier for you to travel with your baby quickly and makes your baby feel comfortable especially when asleep. They are designed in a way that you can easily fold it, set up easily and are compact.

It offers a safe sleeping environment when travelling or even at home as you can move it and store it easily. You can also place it outdoors and be assured of your baby’s safety. This is most suitable for babies less than two years but if older a portable bed may suit your toddler.

When acquiring best travel cribs for kids then below is what you should always look for:
-The type of the crib such as baby Bjorn travel crib which makes it easier keep your baby contained though when folded it becomes heavier and bigger or Kid Co peapod which is compact when folded but cannot contain the baby as he may easily get out or not be supported by the sides when standing.
-It should be easy to carry around by being compact and light in weight. It should also fit into your car’s trunk or a bigger suitcase by being small enough when dissembled.
-It should be easy to set up and also dissemble to save time.
-Age is what you should consider the most since some are designed for babies, toddlers and others for older babies.
-Comfort of your baby is crucial and it should therefore be able to provide that by having soft and firm mattress made of breathable material and mesh that ensures airflow for your baby not to suffocate.
-It must be safe for your baby. The frame should be sturdy and the mattress should be flame retardant and have a well built-base to ensure stability. The stands should also be firm and the fabrics should not contain any chemicals which may be allergic.
-You must be able to remove and wash the mattress cover and mesh fabric whenever it becomes dirty.
-Pick a travel crib that you can afford but should be safe for your baby.
There are different types of travel cribs you can choose from:
1. BabyBjorn Travel crib-it is mid-priced, light and easy to carry around making it a great choice. The base is stable and has insulated mattress. Setting it up is also easier. It is a top rated travel crib.
2. KidCo Travel pod portable play yard-best for a toddler less than 3 years as see out of it but can’t climb out and is spacious enough for your baby. The frame is light making it easy to assemble and fold up.
3. Lotus travel crib and portable baby playard- For the purpose of sleep and play then this is the most ideal. It is easy to setup and has breathable side mesh thus the baby will not suffocate.
4. Phil and Teds portable travel crib-It is spacious and fully meshed allowing you to see you baby. It is compact when folded and has a carrier bag with straps making it easy to travel with. The mesh at the top protects your baby from excess sun. Even though the carry bag is however less durable and may take a little more time to assemble or dissemble, it is more sturdy, compact and comfortable for your baby.
5. KidCo peapod-It opens up quickly and very light making it great choice if you travel more often. It provides a safe and comfortable environment for your baby to sleep in. The straps can be easily attached thus providing a sturdy base. It may however be sweaty during hot climates.
6. Valvo Baby Zephyr Travel crib-It is light, comfortable and also easy to put up or dissemble. Its mattress is padded and the insect net protects your baby. The side mesh has pockets which you can store bottles and toys.
7. Delta children Viaggi playard-recommended for kids not very active as they will not be able to move out. The mattress is overstuffed making it more comfortable and the frames are light making it easy to transport.
8. Brica fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet-suitable for infants since it is small. The fabric is breathable and comfortable. It is sturdy, safe and light making it easy to carry around.
9. Parentlab Journey Bee portable crib-has pop open design thus most suitable if you travel a lot. It is also light and portable. The panels are made of mesh that allows you to see what your baby is doing and the fabric is also washable. However, the pop up might not be sturdy therefore you should consider your baby’s size.
10. Nuna Sena Mini Travel Cot-Aesthetically it is pleasing and you can easily fold with one hand. Though heavier compared to others, it is sturdy and designed to easily open up. The mesh fabric is breathable and the mattress is soft making it suitable for the comfort of your baby.

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