Fun things to do with your autistic kid

While many parents find it a burden to rear their autistic kids, those who have taken things positively are hugely affecting their children while feeling great about themselves. Autism is no curse. It is also no disease and no one should try to cure the condition.
Rather than struggle with protocols and meaningless treatments, you could rather enjoy life with your child on the spectrum. They might be nonverbal, not well toilet trained. But with constant love and fun activities with their parents, they are surely going to improve and you will be surprised by how much you have done with your child later on in life.
Rather than relying on teachers in special needs school to take care of your child and do all forms of therapy on them, it is high time that you also took the mantle and decided to have fun with your child.
Some of the activities that you can engage in include:
1. Pretend plays
Your autistic child is not very good with pretend plays. They are not able to make a small home with their toys whom they should speak with. They are preoccupied with other things that are way beyond their ages. You could however decide to shift things by getting them dolls and toys and sitting down to play with them using these pretend toys.
2. Bounce on the trampoline
Get your child on the trampoline and bounce away as you enjoy doing it. With a trampoline, a child is able to throw off their excess body energy as well as get good proprioceptive and vestibular input that their bodies need.
Bouncing on the trampoline is also a good exercise for kids who are stimming and fidgeting. Rather than have to fight trying to stop them from climbing on chairs and jumping on all things in the house, you could have them jump on the rebounder. It has actually been said to be a great therapy tool
While bouncing though, make sure that they are doing it safely. Have a mini trampoline with handlebars and safety nets all round so that the kids are bouncing off safely.
3. Go out for walks
It is time to stop shying away about showing your kid to the world. Go out often with them. As you do so, you will be exploring the world and showing them different animals, rivers and other vegetation. They will be keen to hear you explain different animals and label flowers as you walk.
4. Go to amusement parks
You could also go out on dates with your autistic child. On these dates, you take them to amusement parks where they are going to enjoy playing on the tire swing, swim in a pool or even play on a see-saw with their peers. Such activities are also going to foster social interaction with other children since your child is going to find other peers to play with.

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