Safety at a Caregiver home

I took my ageing grandmother to a caregiver that is next to my home and one thing that irked me was the level of safety for the aged people. It was something that was heavily neglected.Either the people simply did not care or maybe they found it too costly to do simple tasks. You see my grandmother has Parkinsons and so I found out that I was having such a hard time taking care of her from home. I had to do something different and so I felt that it would just be wise if I just took her to a place where she was given special attention. But this lacked

Caregivers were not homely and just too intimidating

The caregivers at the center were either uneducated or tactless. After examining my grandmother, they asked that she could take a glass of water to prove that she indeed had Parkinson’s. I could not help feeling embarrassed as she poured the entire drink out. You see we have these special utensils that I learnt about from here that we have been using for her. I had somehow forgotten to take it with me.

That regardless, I do not think it is professional for caregivers to embarrass a patient simply because they want to indeed test whether she is sick. It is bad to do so and I told them so.

Beds did not have rails for safety

I have been reading about bed rails and I know how safe they can be especially for people who are highly likely to fall when they wake up in the morning. My grandma has dyskinesia and she is also wobbly when she wakes up. So, we have done everything to make sure that she is safe when she wakes up. A post on hosiped just highlights this and talks of the importance of rails.

No handrails in the washroom

You see my grandma had real trouble walking. At home, we had installed these handrails all over the home such that when she went to the toilet or bathroom, she would not fall because the rails were all there. We also had walkig canes, clutches and walkers. Also there was someone handy around just in case she needed support to walk to somewhere.
Here at the caregiving home, there were no such hand rails and it got me wondering what these guys were doing. Were they really serious in their work.
How can one start a caregiving home in such an unsafe environment?

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