What Materialistic women want

Trying to impress a woman who loves materialistic things can be a tough job for any man out there. Indeed, such characters can cause a man to want to stay single all his life. Dating these kind of women whose love for money is greater than the love they have for you can bury you. However, pleasing these kind of women is very easy. Always buy her something new and shiny and agree to all her desires. Sounds easy, right?

Well, we compile a list of materialistic things that impress women;

  • Expensive and international cars

Let’s face it, a majority of women love cars especially the expensive ones. Most will only give you their time or day just because you own a four wheel. Materialistic women love driving or being driven in classy and pricey cars.

  • Branded clothes

Most women love new clothes and especially those that are in designer shops. To impress and keep her happy, giving her a credit card so she can go shopping and buy herself new and expensive clothes will work.

  • Precious jewelry

To every woman, precious stones are indeed a treasure. Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. To impress a woman, buy her a diamonds in the form of necklaces, rings, glittery watches and other accessories.

  • Expensive shoes

It is every woman’s desire to own a collection of the most expensive shoes. The shoes also need to be in different colors to match the many outfits she has. Giving her money to spend on those high heels makes her feel like she walks over the moon.

  • High class dinners

Women love being treated like queens. That special dinner where reservations are made in a very classy hotel will go a long way to impressing a materialistic woman.

  • VIP spa treatment

It is your job as a man to pamper your woman occasionally. Taking her for a massage in those high class masseuse parlor is one of the materialistic things that make most women happy.

  • Elite bags

Women love expensive bags. Taking her shopping to a high class mall that stocks the most expensive bags is a day she will always remember. She will even brag about it to her girlfriends.

  • Buy or build her a bungalow.

Women love living happy in very nice places with nothing to worry about. Buying a big and sophisticated house in a very beautiful compound is one such ways of impressing most of them.

  • High end appliances

Materialistic women don’t want to get tired or ruin their very expensive manicure. High end appliances including washing machines and dish washers are definitely a necessity for them.

Wrap up

In order to stay in a relationship with a materialistic woman or make the relationship work, then impressing her will go a long way to avoid conflicts. The down side to this is that agreeing to all her desires can burn a hole in your pocket and which of course will be a tough call to make.

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