Wiping Your Butt And What to Use

The Toilet Debate on What to Use to Wipe your Butt

There has been a big debate on what is the best way to wipe your butt. I decided to follow it through because I wanted to know what effect it would have for people at the hospice or at caregiver home. While most people are using tissue paper, there is that regimen of people who think that this is uncouth as well as unhealthy. Toilet paper, it has been said causes chaffing, irritation and does not wipe well. But that is a fact because I too was using toilet paper until a friend asked me to try using wet wipes and see the difference. And yes, it was real. Even after wiping very well with toilet paper, I found that later using wet wipes should that there was still some debris left. No wonder your underpants smell so weird when you have been using toilet paper. But when you use wipes, you are assured of a good clean.You also smell fresh and well sanitized. And you can actually feel it as you go around. The Independent has actually documented on why one should be using wipes as opposed to toilet paper.

Flushability of wipes

But the problem with using wet wipes is on how flushable they are.Unless you are using pit latrines, you really need to worry about the material making your wipes. Are they biodegradable? Can they be flushed and will they really disintegrate? Thankfully, there is a good number of adult wipes that do indeed disintegrate such as the cottonelle wipes which are fragrance free, alcohol free as well as flushable.

Historically, people have even used the maize cob to wipe their butts. And I am not so sure how safe it was with the fact that corn cob is highly likely to have splinters that could end up injuring your bum. The use of leaves and old newspapers have also been well documented. In most areas in Africa especially those areas where people see toilets as a luxury and have to use the bush, they will often use soft leaves to wipe off the fecal material after doing their business. My worry is newspaper since they can be hard and I bet that one needs to first soften it by rubbing it thoroughly so that it will be a little bit smooth for you. If that seems disgusting, there is also another group of people who use their hands to wipe their butts. Yucky it is but true. How this happens is that after visiting the toilet, the person uses some water to wipe or wash their butt with the left hand. I have seen this among Arabs and some Muslims. No wonder they will never greet you with their left arm or even eat with it because it is specifically for butt cleaning.

What of those that cannot reach their butts

Other than this debate, there is also the agony that people who are handicapped, obese, with short arms or those that recently underwent a spinal or back surgery have to put up with. Because of the above named complications, they will soon find out that wiping their butts is so hard. They will have to use certain tools to extend their reach. Thankfully, at most online stores dedicated to caregivers, you will find just the right products for such problems. There is for example the freedom wand which I would gladly recommend as one of the best butt wiping aids. Another is the bottom buddy which though limited in usage also brings in the extra very much needed length.

The freedom wand can not only be used to wipe your butt but also in washing your back, shaving as well as applying ointment on your body. It was designed by a woman who had faced an accident and could therefore not go to the toilet with ease. Since she did not want to have a caregiver follow them and help them wipe their butts which is really humiliating, she thought of coming up with this tool that can reach up to a maximum 21 inches.

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